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Online IPC Workforce Training:

Safety for Electronics Manufacturing:

This course provides a comprehensive understanding of occupational hazards and best safety practices in the electronics industry. Upon completion, participants will be equipped to apply essential tools, materials, and processes to ensure the safety of both themselves and their colleagues in a manufacturing environment.

This course is intended for anyone entering the manufacturing area, including operators, technicians, and supervisors.

Wire Harness Assembly for Operators

This course familiarizes operators with essential tools, materials, and processes in wire harness assembly. Upon completing the core modules, participants earn a certificate of completion and have the option to choose from nine elective modules for specialized process training.

ESD Control for Electronics Manufacturing

This course aims to provide participants with a strong understanding of Electrostatic Discharges (ESD), explaining why they occur and how to minimize their effects when handling, storing, or transporting ESD- sensitive components in a manufacturing facility. We will explore practical measures based on standards such as ANSI/ESD S20.20 and other relevant benchmarks to prevent these issues.

This course is intended for anyone entering the manufacturing area, including operators, technicians, and supervisors

Electronics Assembly for Operators

 This course provides operators with essential knowledge of key concepts, tools, materials, and processes necessary for optimal performance. Participants can earn a qualification certificate by completing the core modules and choose from nine optional modules for specialized training. Upon course completion, participants will proficiently follow the correct procedures for assembling Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCAs) in an electronics manufacturing facility.

IPC Certifications:


This course employs visuals from the IPC-A-610 inspection document to enhance comprehension of acceptance and rejection criteria across all three classes of assembly production, encompassing both leaded and lead-free processes. The IPC-A-610, known as 'The Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies,' stands as the preeminent inspection specification for post-assembly evaluations, offering invaluable guidance in ensuring product quality.

This course caters to individuals overseeing the excellence and dependability of electronic assemblies. This encompassing audience comprises engineers, quality supervisors, inspectors, and manufacturing personnel tasked with upholding quality assurance standards.

Level: Specialist (CIS) and Trainer (CIT).


This course is not intended to instruct individuals in soldering techniques. Instead, its primary emphasis is on imparting a profound understanding of the J-STD-001 criteria. This program is designed for seasoned soldering professionals who aspire to gain a comprehensive comprehension of the J-STD-001 Document. The course involves a thorough review of this document and assists students in developing their ability to interpret the criteria effectively. Following each module, open book exams are mandatory. Additionally, hand soldering skills must be demonstrated and pass inspection. To successfully complete this program, students must excel in both the exams and soldering assessments. Attendees are expected to possess prior experience in soldering.

Level: Specialist (CIS) and Trainer (CIT).



This course specifies the materials, methods, and acceptability criteria for the production of crimped, mechanically secured, or welded interconnections, as well as activities related to cable assembly and harnessing. It establishes practices and requirements to ensure quality in the manufacturing of these assemblies.

Level: Specialist (CIS) and Trainer (CIT).

Internal Workforce Development:

Minimum Safety Standards in the Electronic Industry

This course familiarizes participants with prevalent safety protocols and workplace hazards in the electronics manufacturing sector. Upon course completion, participants will possess the skills to effectively utilize essential tools, materials, and processes to ensure the safety of themselves and their colleagues within a manufacturing environment.

Level: Technician

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PCB Electronic Inspection Criteria

This course employs visuals to illustrate criteria for all three classes of bare board fabrication and inspection. The course focuses on understanding the desired, acceptable, and non-conforming conditions, whether they are externally or internally observable on printed boards.

Levels: Inspector. Trainer.

PCBA Electronic Inspection Criteria

This course is designed for employees involved in inspecting printed circuit assemblies and those seeking to enhance their observation and inspection skills in this area. It incorporates lectures, visual perception exercises, and hands-on assembly assessments to provide students with practical experience in visually inspecting printed circuit assemblies.

Levels: Inspector. Trainer.

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Soldering Processes for PCBA Electronic Components Workshop

This practical workshop is tailored to impart the essential principles of soldering technology. It is recommended for individuals engaged in electronics assembly, encompassing Wires & Terminals, Lap Solder Joints, Through-Hole, and Surface Mount components, aiming to attain certification in this program.

Levels: Technician. Trainer

Electronic Harness Inspection Criteria

This course equips participants with a comprehensive understanding of inspection criteria for all three classes of cable and wire harness assembly.

Levels: Inspector. Trainer.

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Electronic Assembly Repair Workshop

This course focuses on assessing the quality and reliability criteria for reworked or repaired electronic assemblies. It is a comprehensive, predominantly hands-on training program, with practical exercises comprising 80% of the curriculum. The course is specifically tailored for soldered assembly rework, aimed at restoring PCB assemblies to their original design specifications.

Levels: Technician. Trainer.


Electronic Harness Assembly Workshop

This practical workshop is designed to offer hands-on experience in assembling wire harnesses. Participants can apply their acquired skills and knowledge to construct wire harness assemblies from assembly blueprints. Through these hands-on labs, students gain valuable experience in the essential procedures required to build complete wire harness assemblies, and the training can be tailored to suit specific process need.

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ESD Internal Workforce Development:

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ESD Training for Operators

This course is centered on electrostatic discharge theory, equipping participants with the tools to prevent it, ensure product quality, and implement the ten daily steps for maintaining effective ESD control in production areas.

ESD Training for Trainers and Managers

This course primarily addresses electrostatic discharge prevention methods to enhance product quality. Participants will gain insights into identifying parameters, regulatory requirements, measurement equipment, coordinating ESD Control programs within their organization, and developing,



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Auditor ESD.jpg

ESD Training for Auditors

This course is dedicated to instructing participants on electrostatic discharge prevention techniques for enhancing product quality. Participants will acquire knowledge in identifying and measuring ESD parameters, as well as developing the skills to oversee the ESD Control program within their organization.

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