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Build Your Own Castle and Fight Against the AI or Online Players in Stronghold 1

stronghold 2 is set in the middle east, where the map has been enlarged by a lot. the map is large enough to accommodate the large number of soldiers, crusaders and other characters. the graphics in this game are not at par with that of the first installment. but still, it is still pretty good. the first game had the story of the lion of st. mark; the second installment has the story of the crusader brian. there are two different maps in this game. the first one has the story of the battle of arcadian, the second one has the story of the siege of antioch. each map has the numerous characters, which are easily recognized by their names. the character cards are as good as they were in the previous installment. but still, the graphics are not that good.

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the characters have been designed in a way, which is similar to that of the video games. they have unique animations and facial expressions. however, the likeness is not that realistic. the character cards have been re-designed in stronghold 2. the aim of the game has been made more interesting. and if you are a strategy player, you will be happy to know that you can play the skirmish mode of the game.

as you can see, the stronghold 2 is an awesome game and is totally worth playing. if you like strategy games, then you will surely like it. and if you like the stronghold 1, then you will surely like stronghold 2. the gameplay of the game is simple and easy to learn. if you have ever played the turn based strategy games, then you will easily be able to understand the gameplay of the stronghold 2. the game offers a level of realism that is missing in other games. there is also a skirmish mode to the game, which lets you play against the computer.


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