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How To Buy A Contract Phone Online __LINK__

Looking for a new phone carrier? No problem. Long gone are the days when you got a shiny new phone and then become locked into a carrier for the next 24 months. Welcome to the very flexible future of mobile phones. The Xfinity Mobile Switch Squad will handle every step: swap your SIM, port your number, and break up with your carrier for you; all you have to do is walk out as an Xfinity Mobile customer and start saving up to $600 a year.

how to buy a contract phone online

When you sign up for a service term or monthly installment plan, your carrier extends you a line of unsecured credit. As a result, the carrier cannot repossess your phone, and you can sell your phone, even if you still owe money on it.

Yes, you can sell your Verizon phone, even if you still owe money on it. However, if you fail to make your monthly payments or pay the ATF, Verizon will blacklist your phone, and the person you sold it to will no longer be able to use it.

If AT&T is your carrier, you can also sell your phone if you still owe money on it. However, you will have to keep paying your bill or pay the ETF. If you fail to make your monthly payments, AT&T will likely blacklist it, and the buyer will not be able to use it.

You can sell your Sprint phone if you owe money, but you have to continue with your monthly payments or pay the phone off. If you fail to pay for the phone, Sprint will blacklist the device, rendering it useless for the buyer.

As is the case with other carriers, you can sell your T-Mobile phone if you still owe money. After selling your phone, you will have to pay off the phone or continue with the monthly payments to prevent the T-Mobile from blacklisting the device.

Selling your phone is, essentially, an easy and free way to cancel the contract with your carrier. However, for this option to work, you have to pay off your phone immediately. After canceling your contract, you will be able to sign up for any other plan that you want.

The new owner will have a phone with a bad EIN and may not be able to activate it on their network. Carriers such as T-Mobile and Verizon usually blacklist phones with a bad ESN or IMEI number, but AT&T and Sprint do not. Depending on the carrier, then, the buyer may not be able to use the phone they bought from you, and they may only realize it when they try to switch the phone to their carrier.

Some of our vendors will buy a phone with a bad ESN. However, if you sell your blacklisted phone, additional steps may be necessary to ensure that the phone is rightfully yours and not lost or stolen. Our buyers also typically offer about 50 percent less for phones that have a bad ESN.

If you have a contract with a service provider, you typically have to pay a monthly installment until you pay off the phone. After paying for the phone, you can cancel the contract without paying an Early Termination Fee (ETF.) If you want to cancel the contract before paying off the phone, however, you may have to pay the ETF that your contract stipulates.

In the case of some two-year service contracts, the ETF usually decreases every month. For example, say you sign up for a two-year service term with an ETF of $350 that decreases by $15 per month. If you want to cancel the contract after, say, three months, you will have to pay an ETF of $305.

People who want to save on their monthly payments often lease a phone instead of buying. Carriers such as Sprint offer the option to lease a phone at a lower rate, but you have to turn the phone in at the end of the lease.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to sell a leased Sprint phone. With a financing contract, you buy the phone, and if you sell it, you can use the money to pay it off immediately. With a lease, however, the phone is not yours to sell. If you choose to buy the phone after the lease term, you are free to sell it.

Sometimes, carriers offer contract buyout deals that pay off your smartphone and any early termination fees as an incentive to switch to their services. To qualify for these deals, you may have to trade in your current phone for a new one. However, if the program offers the new phone at a discount, it may help to offset the balance of your existing carrier.

Some non-public construction and related opportunities are also available through the county's roster programs. These programs streamline the contracting process and give first consideration to emerging small businesses certified by Central Certification (CERT) Program.

We are committed to promoting contract opportunities for small and emerging small businesses (the smallest of the small firms). We use several methods for reducing disparities through contracting. These methods are aligned with legal constraints to make sure our purchasing practices remain fair.

For contracts over $100,000 the county may set a goal that a percentage of the contract work be performed by small, minority-owned, or women-owned businesses or add a small business enterprise (SBE) incentive (where vendors can earn more evaluation points based on greater SBE participation). Goals or incentives can be met through self-performance or through sub-contracting a portion of the job to other diverse vendors. Note: Setting goals for minority-owned, or women-owned businesses can only be used if there is documented disparity data.

For all non-construction contracts over $100,000, the county requires vendors to have a Workforce Certificate of Compliance from the Minnesota Department of Human Rights, and to submit a copy of their certificate to the county. Vendors can apply for this certificate at the Workforce Certificate of Compliance.

For construction contracts over $100,000, contractors are required to submit an affirmative action plan, specific to the project, PRIOR to contract award. An affirmative action plan is a set of goal-oriented management policies and procedures to eliminate barriers to employment and increase retention of minorities and women.

Because of the nature of the business, construction workers are hired based on the contracted work being done. This gives the county the opportunity to influence who is hired and have a more immediate impact. This is done by setting contract workforce goals to hire a percentage of female and minority workers. The countywide goals are 32% for minorities and 20% for female workforce participation.

We have a Workforce Entry Program (WEP), which requires the contractor to use graduates of approved job training programs (apprentices) for a portion of the work or demonstrate it has made good faith efforts to do so. The apprentices gain valuable skills and knowledge while working on county projects. WEP's purpose is consistent with the county's longstanding support of providing unemployed and underemployed individuals the means to earn a better living through jobs training programs. See the list of WEP-approved programs (PDF).

If you are selected to move forward in the contracting process, we will verify some information about your business. You may be asked to provide additional documentation prior to contract award. These requirements vary by type of contract. If you fail to meet the verification requirements or provide requested documents by the due date, the county may not award you the contract.

There are federal and state requirements that an organization must not be suspended or debarred from doing business with the government. The county will verify this by checking the federal exclusions database and the state debarred vendor report. If your company appears on the list, you will not be awarded a contract.

Before a contract is awarded, you may be asked to provide documentation showing who has authority to sign contracts for your company. Documentation varies and may depend on how your company is organized (i.e., LLC, corporation, or partnership). Examples of documentation include:

Vendors must have the appropriate level of insurance in place to enter into a county contract. Standard insurance requirements and terms vary by contract type. Any exemptions or variances to standard insurance requirements must be approved by our County Risk Manager prior to the contract being awarded. For more information see the Standard contract terms section.

Contracts over $100,000 have diversity and inclusion requirements, which vary by contract type. You may be asked to provide documentation that are you meeting the requirements. For more information see the Reducing disparities through contracting section.

It is a good idea to reread the contract documents before performing work. Make sure you understand the requirements and have a plan to meet them. For more complicated contracts, the county may schedule a kick-off meeting with you to facilitate staff introductions and review the key elements of the contract.

MissouriBUYS is a secure, user-friendly, web-based statewide eProcurement system implemented by the State of Missouri with its partner, Perfect Commerce (a PROACTIS Company), using their WebProcure application. MissouriBUYS is a one-stop shop for procurements by state government agencies and includes vendor (self-service) registration and profile updates, solicitations (both formal and informal), consolidated public Bid Board and public Contract Board, online bidding for vendor responses, order management (requisitions, purchase orders, contracts, catalogs, receipts, and invoices) and the MissouriBUYS Bid Locator Tool. MissouriBUYS includes online supplier catalogs (from awarded contracts) that state agencies can use to place orders for products and services electronically in a retail-like shopping experience (place items in a cart, checkout). The MissouriBUYS Bid Locator Tool, a search tool to locate bids posted by governmental entities in Missouri, features consolidated bid opportunities in one convenient location for all levels of government (local, state and federal) and political subdivisions in Missouri.

Whether you need access to multiple facilities, a particular garage or a surface lot, our monthly parking contracts ensure fast, worry-free parking. For rates, parking locations, traffic rules and other contract parking information, download our Contract Parking Guide. 041b061a72


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