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The Sound And The Fury

In his soliloquy, Macbeth implies that life is but a shadow of the past and that a modern man, like himself, is inadequately equipped and unable to achieve anything near the greatness of the past. Faulkner reinterprets this idea, implying that if man does not choose to take his own life, as Quentin does, the only alternatives are to become either a cynic and materialist like Jason, or an idiot like Benjy, unable to see life as anything more than a meaningless series of images, sounds, and memories.

The Sound and the Fury

Ambient noise and the sound from the in- and outflowing air into and from the conditioning chamber were mostly confined to frequencies below 15 kHz, while hissing reached up to about 20 kHz. Therefore, we identified hissing by the summed intensities for frequencies higher than 15 kHz. Clicking of valves and some other ambient sound events during recording had a frequency range close to hissing, we excluded those based on high summed intensities in the spectrogram in the frequencies above 20.05 kHz and their length: only events with a minimum of 3 consecutive spectrogram time bins classified as hissing (roughly equal to more than 0.09 s) were considered as actual hissing (see S2 Fig. and S3 Fig. for a histogram). Hissing of all bees was quantified and plotted (S4 Fig.).

Honey bees can be conditioned to respond to an odour with a hissing response by pairing the odour with an electric shock. To our knowledge, this is the first time an insect has been conditioned to produce sound, although similar experiments have been undertaken in other animals, using both operant conditioning [e.g. in dogs and lemurs, 1,2,7] and classical conditioning (for example in rats which produce ultrasonic vocalisations when faced with a stimulus predicting an electric shock [3], which is rather similar to the experimental design described here).

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When Klaw unleashes solid sound creatures created by a device, the Fantastic Four and Wyatt Wingfoot help Black Panther defend his nation. Tracking Klaw to his hide out, the Black Panther battles him and in the battle Klaw's base is destroyed and his solid sound creations vanish. Surviving and his solid sound device intact, Klaw crawls into the device hoping to gain the power necessary to crush the Black Panther once and for all.

The main problem is, that by eliminating all the flashbacks and just focusing on Jason and Quentin, it robs the novel of its majesty. There still sound and fury but it is no longer a tale told by an idiot and so it signifies, well, perhaps less than nothing? 041b061a72


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