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The Prime Minister's intervention came after up to a dozen ministers, whips and Parliamentary aides - including three ministers of Cabinet rank - had signalled that they would quit if they were not offered a free vote.

Downing Street insisted that allowing one-off free votes on the most controversial parts of the Bill followed a precedent set by the then Tory government in the last big shake-up of fertility laws in 1990.

But he added: "The Bill itself cannot be subject to a free vote because there are so many other changes that I believe are necessary as part of building up the research framework of our country and, of course, creating the right ethical framework for the development of embryo research."

Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor, head of the Catholic Church in England and Wales, said: "The free vote will be welcomed by people of all faiths or none who are concerned about the implications of this Bill that go to the heart of what it means to be human. 041b061a72


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