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Iliad And Odyssey Full Story Tagalog Versionl

According to the story, the Trojan War lasted 10 years and took place at the city of Troy in Anatolia. Troy had massive walls and so the war was mostly a siege with some breaks for open warfare on the plains outside the city. Priam, the king of Troy, and his son Hector, both treat Helen respectfully during the conflict, with Hector, in particular, blaming Paris as the bringer of war. In this period, Paris and Helen have four children, three sons: Bunomus, Aganus, and Idaeus, and one daughter: Helen. All three boys will die when a roof collapses in the chaos at the end of the war.

Iliad And Odyssey Full Story Tagalog Versionl


In order to enjoy fully a poem like The Iliad, it helps to know this background about how an oral poem was put together. It is also essential to know the mythological background, because even if the ancient Greeks modified their beliefs in the various deities over time, they certainly knew who those deities were, just as they also knew the mortal heroes and heroines. There are hundreds of characters mentioned in The Iliad, but there are really only a few that the reader must know intimately. And there is, of course, a background story that the ancient Greeks knew and that the modern reader has to know. After all, the siege of Troy lasted ten years and the story of the Iliad covers only fifty-four days toward the end of that ten-year period. So what happened earlier?


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