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Linga Puranam In Tamil.pdf

The Linga Purana discusses the idea of Ardhanarishvara, asserting that the goddess is the mother of the universe and she is the altar of the god. God and goddess, linga and yoni, are co-creators of the universe, both centers of power and divine splendor, states the text.

Linga Puranam In Tamil.pdf


Linga, states Alain Daniélou, means sign. It is an important concept in Hindu texts, wherein Linga is a manifested sign and nature of someone or something. It accompanies the concept of Brahman, which as invisible signless and existent Principle, is formless or linga-less. The Linga Purana states, "Shiva is signless, without color, taste, smell, that is beyond word or touch, without quality, motionless and changeless". The source of the universe is the signless, and all of the universe is the manifested Linga, a union of unchanging Principles and the ever changing nature. The Linga Purana text builds on this foundation.

The Linga Purana's ideas incorporate, states Stella Kramrisch, those of the Samkhya school of Hindu philosophy. The chapter 1.17 of the Linga Purana introduces Linga as Pradhana or Prakriti (cosmic substance), while Shiva is described as Lingin, or one with this "subtle body". Linga is presented by the text as an abstract concept, contrasted with Alinga (Vyakta), along with its phallic significance and sexual truth in nature's process of life creation. The verses of the text, states Kramrisch, presents Linga as an aniconic symbol of both the matter and the spirit, the Prakriti and the Purusha, whereby the "powers of creation, liberation and annihilation" are symbolized by the icon.


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