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Operative Dictations In Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery Downloads Torrent

The management of abdominal wall defects is challenging and complex. While once the domain of the general surgeon, today it is realized that reconstruction of the abdominal wall may also require the expertise of a plastic surgeon. To achieve optimal outcomes, the goals and objectives of the abdominal wall reconstruction have to be defined and thoroughly discussed with the patient before taking the patient to surgery. In some cases, chronic infection may preclude definitive repair in a single stage, consultation with an infectious disease specialist may be prudent. As with any other complex procedure, the preoperative workup must be thorough, and the patient should be seen by a pulmonologist and cardiologist to optimize lung and cardiac function if any underlying cardiopulmonary disease is present. Because of the potential risk of injury to the bowel, bowel preparation is recommended. If an enterotomy occurs during surgery, prompt consultation from a general or colorectal surgeon is appropriate.[9]

Operative Dictations in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery downloads torrent



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