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Aqw Dark Crystal Shard Bot 61

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Aqw Dark Crystal Shard Bot 61


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its particularly useful for interrupting a buildup of vehicles and/or units, particularly powerful ones like imperial dignitary bronto, and it can also be used to kill isolated mobs when they become enemies, like after taking down their thunderhammer.

i suppose you get what you pay for - the pre-order in the guild store with a bunch of the neatest little pieces is going to be rather expensive, and the intro pack that i believe also includes the crystal and the aoe mount is going to be the cheapest, but more expensive than your average supply drop or the o2p. in short, after around a month or so, you can expect to see the rise of some astronomically priced pre-order items that claim to be the 'ultimate' and most effective gear for your shaman, whether they really are or not.


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