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S Questions And Answers On Marine Diesel Engine19 _TOP_

In this Post, students are taught about diesel engines maintenance. We are writing this post mainly for the benefit of young marine Engineers starting their careers onboard ships. This post contains the right procedures so it makes it easy for the Engineers to undertake the maintenance. We have made our best efforts in defining the correct guidelines with required important documentation also.

S Questions And Answers On Marine Diesel Engine19

* Helps engineers to understand the latest changes to marine diesel engineers* Careful organisation of the new edition enables readers to access the information they require* Brand new chapters focus on monitoring control systems and HiMSEN engines.* Over 270 high quality, clearly labelled illustrations and figures to aid understanding and help engineers quickly identify what they need to know.

The book is comprehensive and includes almost all topics needed to understand marine diesel engines. The book explains the role of heat in engineering science, the principles behind internal combustion engines, the role of fuels and lubricants, the cooling systems, the lubricating systems and the heat exchangers.


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