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Cheapest Place To Buy Glasses Without Insurance

The average cost of glasses without insurance is $366 without an eye exam. The price of glasses varies since it is a medical and cosmetic product with many personalized components. Reading glasses can be as little as $8 from a drugstore, while designer prescription glasses can cost upwards of $1,500.

cheapest place to buy glasses without insurance

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You can pay for out-of-pocket prescription glasses with HSA or FSA funds if you do not have health insurance. The tables below show the varying out-of-pocket price of glasses from popular retailers and some local eyewear stores in NYC. It also shows the additional costs associated with lens type and add-ons.

When shopping for glasses, it is not recommended to purchase the cheapest option as you may be sacrificing quality and service. Expensive designer brands don't always offer the best quality glasses either, so it is essential to know what you are looking for when shopping for glasses to find the best ones at a reasonable price.

Frames can substantially alter the price of your glasses. They come in various shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. Many designers create glasses frames as they are not only used to hold the lenses in place but for fashion purposes. When purchasing frames, consider if you want brand name frames or not, as they can significantly increase the cost of your glasses. For example, frames from Gucci can cost $500, while frames from no-brand names average a price point of $126.

The type of lens also greatly affects the price of glasses. Since glasses are regulated as a medical device, you will need a prescription to purchase them. You can, however, buy reading glasses and blue light glasses without a prescription.

The average cost of single-vision lenses without frames is $126. Single vision lenses are the cheapest and most popular type of eyeglass lenses. They only correct eyesight at one specific distance, either close up or far away. Reading glasses use single-vision lenses and can be purchased over-the-counter at drugstores, bookstores, and other retail stores.

Not all plans on the Marketplace include vision coverage for adults; however, all plans cover vision coverage for children. Vision insurance can be purchased with varying levels of coverage. Prices are usually negotiated with specific partners in order to cover the cost of glasses. If you want to buy your glasses somewhere else, you can contact your insurance company and apply for reimbursement to cover the cost.

Online eyewear shops eliminate the costs of middlemen in the supply chain. Therefore their prices are lower than brick and mortar stores. By buying glasses online, consumer reports indicate that you may end up saving up to 40 percent. Also, without middlemen, online stores can offer more discounts than traditional storefronts.

The retailer accepts cash, FSA, and HSA debit cards. You can try the glasses virtually on their website or at home. If the glasses do not fit, return them within 60 days for a full refund or replacement.

Regular U.S. shipping costs $5.95 unless your order is $119 or more. EyeBuyDirect also ships internationally starting from $19 ($9.95 to Canada). You have 14 days to make a return for a replacement or refund. Your glasses are also covered for one year if there are evident defects in material and build.

For prescription eyewear, Eyebobs is on the pricier side versus the cheapest eyewear retailers, with glasses starting at $245 for single-vision prescriptions and $345 for progressives. Glasses come with coatings for scratch-resistance, antireflection, and UV protection. You also have several upgrades available:

Another convenient feature Lensabl offers is lens replacement. If you damage your lenses, you can send your glasses to Lensabl for repair and receive your glasses back within four to seven business days. Lens replacement starts at $77 for single-vision prescriptions. Progressive lenses cost $197 and bifocals cost $127. Various coating upgrades or thinner lenses are regular price for lens replacement.

Whether or not you have insurance, you can use CareCredit for eye exams, glasses, contacts, and more. Some payment plans have zero interest for 6 or 12 months. You can also use CareCredit to buy glasses online from COR Eyewear, our exclusive brand of glasses and sunglasses.

Eye care can be expensive. The good news is that there are programs that offer free or low-cost eye exams and eyeglasses. Some health insurance plans also provide free vision screenings and help to cover the cost of other eye care services, too.

Using your smartphone and the VisionCheck, you can obtain the numbers you need to buy those new eyeglasses without leaving the house. You can compare the results with your last prescription to see if it is still accurate or if your vision has changed since your last visited the eye doctor. With the amazing selection, cost savings, and convenience of buying online, why not test your vision from home and get yourself the most up-to-date set of glasses?

The average price of what you pay for prescription eyewear is going to vary widely depending on the type of frames, lenses, and retailer you choose. Many designer brands of eyewear can go as high as $600 or above without insurance coverage. Sometimes glasses with special features go to $1000.

You would need to contact places in your area to see what they charge for an eye exam. Once you do have your eye exam, we can most definitely assist you in selecting a non-expensive pair of prescription glasses. You can start by taking a look at our website

Frames with non-prescription lenses are $50 while the rest range from $90 to $290 with single-vision (or reader or non-prescriptive) lenses included. Progressives tack on an extra $120 and special tints and transitional lenses are also an extra $120. For those wanting blue light blocking lenses, they cost either $30 or $60, depending on the type: Screen Daily Use lenses block 25% of blue light and Screen Heavy Use block 40%. And a final heads up for ordering: Unlike some other online glasses retailers, the field to add your prescription pops up after you place your order.

We spent hours researching popular eyewear companies and what they offer in terms of selection, value, insurance eligibility, return policy and turnaround time. We also thoroughly browsed each site to test out the user-friendliness of the glasses-buying process and discover special features like virtual or at-home try-ons and prescription renewals. Finally, we included firsthand recommendations from Forbes Vetted staffers like GlassesUSA, Zenni Optical and Warby Parker.

Don't let lack of insurance prevent or postpone important vision care. Many of our patients have no insurance and are able to afford eye exams, glasses and contacts at Eye Boutique. Call or visit the location nearest you for a free vision consultation to get started.

As its name implies, Overnight Glasses can make you a new set of prescription glasses quickly -- and really quickly if you're willing to pay extra for a new pair of glasses. If you buy a frame/lens package, fast three- to four-day service is available for $9. (It takes slightly longer for progressive lens and bifocal lens types.) The quality of the lenses I got was as good as that from other replacement lens sites, so there's no sacrifice of prescription eyewear quality for speed.

Although it offers full frame/lens packages, Lensabl puts its lens replacement service front and center and comes up high in search results when Googling "lens replacement." Its motto is "Your frames, our lenses," with prices starting at $77 for buying a basic pair of single-vision lenses. A pair of tinted sunglasses lenses starts at $97. The budget new lens options are decent enough, but it does make a difference (in terms of sharpness and clarity) to step up to lenses more in the $150-plus range. has a huge selection of both frames and lenses and is also one of a small number of sites that offer a lens replacement service for existing frames, with prices starting at $49. As with all the other sites here, you simply choose the lens you want (that can be a little daunting because there are so many options) and you'll get sent a prelabeled box with which to return your frames, with free shipping both ways. If you don't know your prescription -- and don't want to change your current prescription -- you can opt to have's technicians "read your lenses and duplicate them."

The service isn't superspeedy in terms of turnaround time, but the lenses are high-quality and the eyewear site has good online help options, including a Replacement Lenses Wizard and an online chat feature. Unlike Lensabl, which highlights its lens replacement service, doesn't market the option front and center.

LensDirect says it can make quality lenses for a wide array of frames -- "practically any frame unless it just absolutely doesn't make any fundamental sense like putting a +7.5 prescription on a semi rimless frame" -- and has its own machine in-house that can cut the lenses anytime (other retailers have this as well). "We make lens replacement more affordable than our competitors without sacrificing quality," a rep told me.

It is the worst feeling realizing that you finally need to wear glasses. As someone who stares in the depth of my computer screen for hours on end daily, I had an inkling that it was time to get glasses. I had glasses some years ago in the United States, but this was my first experience with the Dutch system for eyeglasses. I include tips for buying eyeglasses in the Netherlands, information on how eyeglasses work with your health insurance in the Netherlands, and the average cost of eyeglasses in the Netherlands.

In some countries, insurance that covers glasses is actually distinct from normal health insurance and this is often because eyeglasses are so expensive to produce. In the Netherlands, you are not required to have insurance to get glasses. You can just make an appointment at the applicable glasses or contacts store and pay out of pocket. 041b061a72


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