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Revolutionize your industrial automation with our expert PLC programming services. At Automation HR, we specialize in designing robust software solutions tailored to streamline production processes in industrial setups. Our proficiency spans mechanical and electrical engineering, allowing us to craft precise programs for seamless installation control.

Why choose us?

Proven Expertise:

With a highly qualified team boasting extensive experience in industrial automation, we excel in handling leading PLC brands, including Allen Bradley (AB – Rockwell Automation) and Siemens.

Customization at Its Best:

We adapt to your standards while also having the capability to develop new ones based on specific requirements. Your unique needs are our priority.

Comprehensive Commissioning:

Our team oversees the commissioning of every component crucial to the automation process. This includes field networks, operator panels, PLCs, speed drives, vision cameras, data readers, putty equipment controllers, welding controls, and more.

Elevate your automation game with Automation HR – where precision meets efficiency.

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