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At Automation HR, we excel in creating custom designs for both new and legacy systems. All our drawings are template-based, utilizing automatic CAD macros to ensure an efficient design process with recognizable and easy-to-understand drawings. We engineer, program, and integrate PLC and HMI technologies to enhance production, quality, asset management, data collection, and decision-making at every level.

Whether you need control systems for a new automation setup or are looking to modernize your current configuration to extend the productive life of existing equipment and processes, our technical team can build what's right for you. Short and long-term aftercare includes upgrades, retrofits, robot reprogramming, controls integration, line relocations, troubleshooting, and equipment optimization.

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Process and Design:

Automation HR can support a complete process, from the smallest S/A to the largest full body shop solutions. We have experience in all areas of design within a body shop as well as non-automotive applications. We support all levels of system layout, from small additions and modifications to existing systems to full, complete system-level layouts, including all BOM and installation drawings.

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Process: Complete system process, manpower reductions, system optimization, and up-speed process analysis.

Design: Catia, Fides, NX, Autocad 2 and 3D, Solidworks, and Inventor.

System Layout: AutoCAD and FactoryCAD.


Simulation and Virtual Commissioning:

Automation HR's Simulation Group starts from process and reach studies, through cycle time validation and optimization. Simulations are complete through full OLPs, ready to upload. We provide a seamless transfer of virtual automation to real-world plants.

Simulation: Process Simulate, RobCAD, Virtual Commissioning, Throughput Analysis, and Cycle Times.

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