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ESD Audit

Conducting ESD audits for electronic production lines and related areas is our specialty. Our objective is to identify potential electrostatic discharge risks and provide recommendations for enhancing ESD control processes. Through our audit services, we contribute to ensuring the quality of electronic products and meeting client standards and requirements.


We provide high-quality inspection services, tailored to meet client needs and international standards such as IPC, SMTA, and ESD. Our trained team ensures accuracy and delivers comprehensive reports for reliable decision-making.


Re-work, modification, and/or repair

We offer a personalized re-work, modification, and/or repair service, based on the client's needs and international standards such as IPC, SMTA, and ESD. Our approach includes documentation of methods, training of our personnel, and delivery of detailed reports.

Minor Assemblies

Our manual soldering and harness assembly service provides our clients with the advantage of quickly and affordably obtaining low-volume production assemblies, subassemblies, and harnesses. This allows them to maintain their high-volume lines without interruptions, avoiding the need to reconfigure their processes to produce these more specialized components

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Our service focuses on hiring and training personnel accurately, ensuring that each team member is perfectly aligned with the standards and specific needs of your company

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